Ausmusic Month 2022

Back for its third year the AUSMUSIC Daily Drawing Challenge aims to help promote and introduce folks to Australian musicians and bands they have yet to discover.

Started back in 2020 during the lockdowns live music came to a shuddering halt leaving bands with little to no income and zero support. After finishing up Inktober that year I was motivated to keep up the daily drawing and hence came up with the daily challenge based on Aussie bands……thus the Ausmusic Month Drawing Challenge was born.

Above are just a few from the 120 drawing over the past 3 years. Support from the bands has been amazing as we continue this year with more artists onboard and further reach to introduce you to more bands. So be sure to give them a listen, buy some merchandise or catch a live show..just show some love.

Any sales of my artwork sees 25% go towards raising money for Australian musicians in need of support via which aids Support Act in their tireless support. So go donate, grab a t-shirt and join in.

You can view past works on Instagram via the links below.

Ausmusic Month Drawing 2020

Ausmusic Drawing Challenge 2021

Thanks for the support.